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Protecting yourself against all that negative JUJU is essential, no body wants that draining energy around them. 

Our Black Tourmaline Protect It collection and can help hit that instant block button against the negative energy around you. Great to place near your front door to create a forcefield around your front door stopping negative bad vibes entering your house that not even Darth Vader could come through.

A fragrance shield of a rich, exotic scent with notes of earthy sweetness helping the black tourmaline with is grounding energy to help ground you into the earth while still protecting you from that evil eye.

Glass reed diffuser with Gold Cork topper and Black Tourmaline chips inside

6 x Wood reed sticks 

200 ml of our Protect it fragrance  

All our Diffusers are hand poured, that way we can ensure all our magic intentions are infused into our creations while we make them.

All crystals and Diffusers are cleansed with a sage smudge stick before being sent to their new home.