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Everybody needs love in their life and a heart full of warmth, compassion and understanding.

Our Rose Quartz Love It collection is our little cupid, shooting love energy left and right. If your looking for love or want to amplify the love you already, this is the diffuser for you. Place it in your room and see those love sparks fly.

Love it is infused with a delicate fruity fragrance to help you Relax and fall in love all over again.


Glass reed diffuser with Gold Cork topper and Rose Quartz chips inside

6 x Wood reed sticks 

200 ml of our Love it fragrance  

All our Diffusers are hand poured, that way we can ensure all our magic intentions are infused into our creations while we make them.

All crystals and Diffusers are cleansed with a sage smudge stick before being sent to their new home.