Liberta Candles


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Unsure which crystal range you resonate with, try our sample pack and sample the magic of our four crystal ranges. Great for indecisive Libra.

Every Pack Comes with out most popular collection

1 x Rose Quartz Love It mega tea light 50 grams - approx. 12 hours burn time


And the Last 3 choices you wish to sample, you decide from either:

Clear Quartz Manifest it, Amethyst Calm It,  Black Tourmaline Protect It, Chakra Heal It Or Carnelian Shine Through It

All our candles are made from a blend of purely natural coconut and soy wax which creates a smooth, creamy finish and is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. All our candles are hand poured and also made in Sydney Australia, We do this to ensure all our magic intentions are infused into each individual candle while we create them.
All crystals and candles are cleansed with a Palo Santo stick before being sent to their new home.