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Chakra Healing 7 Crystal Candle

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Healing your chakras is like a detox for your spiritual soul. Sometimes we need to tune up of chakras so we thrive at our full potential. 

Infused with a wonderfully and skillfully blended fragrance that combines both heady florals and zesty fruits, to help amplify the crystals healing intentions on your chakras.

Base Chakra crystal -  Red Jasper chips

Sacral Chakra crystal - Carnelian chips

Solar Plexus Chakra crystal - Yellow Araganoite chips

Heart Chakra crystal - Green Aventurine chips

Throat Chakra crystal - Lapis Lazuli t chips

Third Eye Chakra crystal - Amethyst chips

Crown Chakra crystal - Clear Quartz chips


Clear glass jar and lid and crystal chakra healing chips

Medium 180 grams - approx. 33 hours burn time

Large 285 grams  - approx. 48 hours burn time

All our candles are made from a blend of purely natural coconut and soy wax which creates a smooth, creamy finish and is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. All our candles are hand poured and also made in Sydney Australia, We do this to ensure all our magic intentions are infused into each individual candle while we create them.

All crystals and candles are cleansed with a Palo Santo stick before being sent to their new home.